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A future for the Dubs scheme?

posted 2 Mar 2017, 00:56 by Leonie Anna Mueck

On 8th February, the government announced that only a further 150 refugee children will be admitted to the UK under the Dubs amendment, bringing the total to a disappointing 350. We believe this doesn't have to be the end of the Dubs scheme - the amendment remains in legislation and does not contain a time limit, although the political commitment is thin on the ground and there is no talk of bringing in more refugee children.  

At CRRC, we have put pressure on the government to continue bringing in vulnerable children, and we're spreading awareness among the public so that individuals can also have their say.

1. We wrote an open letter to the people of Cambridge, which was published in the Cambridge News on Thursday, 16th February. We urged Cambridgeshire residents to write to their Councillors and MPs, asking for the Home Secretary to reverse the decision.

2. We co-signed an open letter to Amber Rudd in which we urge the Home Secretary to take in more unaccompanied refugee children from European camps.

3. On 12th February, CRRC's Adrian Matthews appeared on the BBC Cambridgeshire. Adrian spoke about the importance of keeping the Dubs scheme going, and cleared up some of the misconceptions about refugee children - listen here (the link expires on 12th March 2017).

4. We asked Cambridge MP, Daniel Zeichner, to participate in the Parliamentary debate on the future of the Dubs scheme, which took place on 23rd February. We urged him to support the call for the government to regularly re-consult with local authorities to see whether they can make more 'Dubs' places available and to continue transferring vulnerable children to the UK.

5. We wrote to the Cambridgeshire County Council leader, Councillor Steve Count, and asked him to publicly state Cambridgeshire's commitment to accepting refugee children. We hope it would encourage members of the public to pledge their support, thus increasing the authority's capacity for bringing in more children because. We have also asked the Councillor to review the number of children that the Council has committed to accepting.

If you want to make sure the UK keeps its promises to vulnerable refugee children, there are things you can do right now: