Information designer - Arabic

April 03, 2019

CRRC is looking to build a small team of 2-3 volunteers interested in collating and designing information material on CRRC in general and the services CRRC offers to our (predominantly Arabic speaking) beneficiaries.


Currently all information given to CRRC beneficiaries, not proficient in the English language, relies on verbal information. In order to ensure consistent and fair information, to spread the information to a wider community and to empower beneficiaries to be more active in taking advantage of services offered, we aim to create information material in Arabic, explaining what CRRC does and what services are provided.

This role will suit somebody

  • interested in getting to know what work CRRC does
  • with a flair to design online and paper based information material
  • interested in and with skills in customising information material to make it readable for varied levels of comprehension
  • proficient in translating written English into written Arabic
  • interested in working on a defined project with a determined end time (with the option, after completion, to continue volunteering for CRRC on another project or in another role, of course).

Please, also apply if you can provide only some of the desired skills. We’ll aim to work in a small team of 3-4, so that we can complement each other in our skills.