Liberal Democrats launch consultation on how Britain can support 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children

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Students call on Cambridge University to do more for refugees

posted 24 Jan 2016, 07:07 by Leonie Anna Mueck

In this petition, Cambridge students urge the University to do more for at-risk academics in the refugee crisis in partnership with the Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara). They write: "As a thought-leader in the U.K., Europe, and the world, we feel that it is essential for the University of Cambridge to be at the vanguard in the migration crisis. We should demonstrate that our values and our culture of open minds can only prevail if we also open our hearts and doors to people in need."

Specifically, the petition asks the university to do the following:

1.     Recognise the importance of Cara’s work;

2.     Commit to facilitating and providing a centralised coordination point in order to better assist Cara’s current work as well as that of other local groups committed to providing assistance to academics and refugees;

3.     Commit to facilitating and providing financial support to accepted at-risk academics in the form of fee waivers, bursaries, and stipends; and

4.     Commit to facilitating and providing housing and other support for accepted at-risk academics and their dependents.

Read more about the petition here.

More Syrians are to be offered a home in Cambridge

posted 24 Jan 2016, 06:58 by Leonie Anna Mueck

The Cambridge News reports on our work with resettled Syrian refugee families in Cambridge.

"Cambridge can certainly cope with more [refugees] and it would be great to see more people coming to the city. We have a small Syrian community and they've been involved in helping out. They're thrilled their community is growing."

Council teams up with Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign to help Syrian Refugees

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From https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/news/council-teams-up-with-cambridge-refugee-resettlement-campaign-to-help-syrian-refugees

IN THE WAKE of huge public support for refugees, Cambridge City Council has teamed up with the Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign (CRRC) to reach out to private landlords for help. 

The Home Office has given permission for the council to use vacant private properties for resettling Syrian refugees and the council is now asking private landlords for their help in accommodating refugees.


Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of the Council, said: “Working with private landlords and citizens through the resettlement campaign, to offer accommodation to refugees, is a welcome and important way to expand the numbers of people that Cambridge can rehome.


“Any accommodation offered, of course, will have to meet Home Office expectations and also the council standard. All landlords will receive a rental income.”  


Stefan Haselwimmer, Head of the CRRC, said: “Private landlords are keen to help and we’ve had offers of accommodation from a number of private landlords already.


“By working in partnership with the council, we can reach out to all private landlords across the region and turn the public’s desire to help refugees into practical action. If we all think carefully about what we can offer as individuals, we can make a huge difference to how we respond to this humanitarian crisis.”


The council will inspect any properties offered to ensure they are of an appropriate standard and where rents are requested they would have to be affordable under the Home Office scheme, which will be in line with council rents.


All properties must be self-contained units rather than spare rooms, due to Home Office prohibitions against the use of spare rooms for resettling refugees. 


The idea for the partnership was inspired by similar initiatives in Heidelberg, Cambridge’s German twin city.


Cllr Herbert added: “Our twin city is using innovative solutions involving the community to deal with the refugee crisis. The enthusiasm and passion of our community really can transform how we respond to the refugee crisis. Coming together as a city and offering sanctuary to those in need is a proud Cambridge tradition.”


Cllr Kevin Price, Executive Councillor for Housing, said: “In order to integrate successfully and recover from the trauma they have experienced, refugees will need at least two years security of tenure. 


“This would be the minimum period a property would need to be guaranteed for to enable them to settle into the community. The council, through its housing management team, will support the refugees to maintain the properties in good order.”


If you are a landlord or property developer and would like to discuss how you could make a difference, contact Dik Veenman on 07887 651988 or via contactcrrc@gmail.com

For other ways to help refugees that are displaced visit the council’s website at: www.cambridge.gov.uk/Syrian-refugees


CRRC Registered Volunteers Meeting

posted 2 Nov 2015, 02:34 by Stefan Haselwimmer   [ updated 2 Nov 2015, 02:39 ]

A meeting for those who are interested in becoming part of the CRRC working group and learning about the roles available. Please note: It is not a general discussion about the current refugee crisis.

Monday 2nd November 7.30pm, Jesus Lane Quaker Meeting House, 12 Jesus Ln, Cambridge CB5 8BA

A Tale of Two Refugee Cities

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Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign visits Heidelberg to see what Cambridge's twin city is doing about the refugee crisis.

#RefugeesWelcome March on Saturday 10th October 2015

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Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign marched with other community groups to say #CambridgeWelcomesRefugees

"Huge numbers of people have been making offers of accommodation and offering their skills and services and it just goes to show people really care. It's up to our leaders to respond to that and do something about it."


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