Back To School campaign

Posted: October 01, 2020

Many of CRRC’s beneficiary families are struggling to buy school uniform for the new school year as they try to support family members in camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Some are badly affected by the terrible explosion recently in Beirut: hearing that their loved ones have been injured, lost their jobs or even killed has caused great distress. Whilst direct aid to refugees abroad is beyond our scope, we would like to help by assisting with the costs of school uniform. If you are able to make a donation via Kindlink, this is what your gift could buy.

  • £100 buys a complete uniform and PE kit for one child for a year
  • £25 buys a pair of football boots
  • £20 buys a pair of black school shoes
  • £10 buys two pairs of school trousers or pinafores
  • £10 buys a school jumper
  • £6 buys a school book bag
  • £5 buys a pack of two white school shirts

More details about donating are on our Donate page.