Ukrainian aid and Cambridge4Ukraine

Posted: August 15, 2022

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Local councils in Cambridgeshire have been told to expect over 3000 Ukrainians, either on the Extended Family or Homes for Ukraine visa schemes. The Ukraine crisis has meant CRRC setting up a team especially to support Ukrainians, both on arrival and as they move into their own homes, and also developing a formal partnership with Cambridge4Ukraine, a group of ex-pat Ukrainians living and working in Cambridge who have formed a vital information and campaigning resource for the new arrivals. We very much enjoyed attending their first major fundraiser, a charity polo match organised by Cambridge and Newmarket Polo Club, to talk about what we do.

We have also partnered with sustainable technology company Laptops4Learning, who collect surplus laptops, tablets, mobile phones from local companies. Once securely data-erased and refurbished, they are delivered to newly arrived refugees to help them access online support services and banking, learn English, continue their children’s education in Ukraine, and stay in touch with family and friends. So far, we have distributed well over 300 devices, supported by the donation of surplus laptops from Computer Service Centre Norwich, IESO Health Cambridge and MCCS, and around 150 SIM cards. We are very grateful to the Refugee Council for sending us 50 new smart phones for distribution as part of Vodafone’s response to this crisis. Vodafone has also sent us 200 SIM cards to distribute. We still need more devices to refurbish in bulk from local businesses as demand now extends to Huntingdon so, if you can help, please email Laptops4Learning or contact us.