Refugee employment project

Posted: January 08, 2020

CRRC is beginning to build an ‘employment’ volunteer network. Our refugee group comprises mostly of tradespeople, many of whom had been running their own small business, and our network of volunteers is exploring ways to help them back into their chosen work. This means getting to grips with standards of English, sources of tools and equipment, work experience and volunteering opportunities, how to set up small businesses, finding employment and learning about UK culture.

Refugee man feeding a calf One experienced cattleman has completed several weekend shifts of voluntary work at Cambridge University’s dairy farm, where the manager has been very impressed by his dedication and expertise. He has been offered an excellent reference and now has the possibility of paid employment.

Another man with experience in catering has just achieved his food-handler’s certificate, and has had the opportunity to obtain a reference by catering for small private groups. He is also being helped to access training and funds to formally launch his business.