A march supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Cambridge

News and events

The Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign arranges and participates in a range of activities through the year, and of course there is regularly news that relates to our activities. This page lists some of these news items and events. If you hear of something you think we should know, please do get in touch!

Code club

After a well deserved summer break, our Code Club resumed for more learning about computers, programming and technology. Most of the previous cohort were present and keen to continue their adventure, but we also had a few new joiners. Our focus for the first term was to discover the world...


February 17, 2020

Recent outreach events

Active Refugee Solidarity Panel Discussion at Kings College At the invitation of RE:action, the student refugee action group at the University of Cambridge, two CRRC volunteers shared a panel on 3 December with Steve Bedlam from Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK) to discuss their work with refugees in Northern France and...


February 12, 2020

South Cambridgeshire welcomes new families

South Cambridgeshire District Council has agreed to accept two new refugee families this spring, in addition to three families who arrived towards the end of last year. CRRC has been helping the three new families resettled in villages near to Cambridge with small adjustments to their new homes, accessing our...


February 10, 2020


Martial Arts Uniting Lives (MAUL) contacted CRRC in early January to offer free taekwondo sessions to the refugee families at Queen Edith’s Primary School. The classes are aimed at women and children, and take place twice per week. Two refugee families attended and thoroughly enjoyed the class. Thank you very...


February 08, 2020

DVLA consults with CRRC on driving tests

CRRC were delighted to be consulted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) via the Strategic Migration Partnership about the challenges that refugees can face in taking the driving theory test. The DVSA are also exploring ways to simplify the Highway Code and will improve the accessibility of the...


February 01, 2020

Seasonal family outings

During the Christmas holidays Georgina and Layla organised two fantastic days out. The first was ice skating at the Cambridge North Pole on Parker’s Piece with around 9 families. This was such good fun and the children loved it! Some were a little hesitant at first, and some threw themselves...


January 14, 2020

Arabic classes from Kalamna

Kalamna have been offering Arabic classes in Cambridge for 5 years now, and currently run 7 classes with over 50 students. They say: we have run Arabic classes for children and adults, held social events, built up a community, held training events, and developed countless resources and materials for learning...


January 09, 2020
(On: Jan 12)

Refugee employment project

CRRC is beginning to build an ‘employment’ volunteer network. Our refugee group comprises mostly of tradespeople, many of whom had been running their own small business, and our network of volunteers is exploring ways to help them back into their chosen work. This means getting to grips with standards of...


January 08, 2020

Active Refugee Solidarity in Cambridge

Panel Discussion hosted by RE:action Keynes Hall, King’s College, 6-7.30pm Join us for a panel discussion with two amazing NGOs - Refugee Community Kitchen and Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign. We will be giving an update about current conditions facing displaced people in Northern France, and what work is like for...


November 23, 2019
(On: Dec 03)

Exhibition - Hiraeth

Hiraeth: the voices of young refugees and asylum seekers in Cambridgeshire 4 November – 16 December 2019, Museum of Cambridge, 2-3 Castle St, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ Hiraeth is an ‘untranslatable’ Welsh word conveying a sense of deep longing for a home which you cannot return to, or which maybe never...


November 20, 2019
(On: Nov 04)

Winter celebration

CRRC volunteers and families are invited to a winter celebration with The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement at the University of Cambridge. They promise a quiz night with prizes, (potluck) presentations on research at the University, poetry and music to celebrate the end of the term. To...


November 19, 2019
(On: Nov 27)

Refugee Council success

The Refugee Council launched an open letter to the Chancellor in early October on discovering that the UK Government had reneged on its pledge to continue funding to resettled refugees after Brexit. Currently, Government funding for services for resettled refugees comes through the EU’s Asylum, Migration and Immigration Fund (AMIF),...


November 18, 2019

Supporting wellbeing

CRRC recognises that all refugees have experienced considerable trauma and may continue to do so even once housed and set up in the UK. To address this, CRRC trustee and psychologist Ann Goodridge and Susan Mealing of the Refugee Council have designed a half-day workshop to help volunteers interpret what...


November 11, 2019

New campaign launched!

We have launched a new fundraising campaign to pay for driving lessons for any of our refugee friends who have passed their theory test. If you’d like to find out more, or to help us raise money to help, check out the dedicated campaign page.


November 04, 2019

Festive-offcuts decoration workshop

Fellow local refugee-supporting charity CamCRAG is running a free craft workshop making Christmas tree decorations out of fabric offcuts. The decorations will be sold to raise funds for CamCRAG’s Poncho Project at Mill Rd Winter Fair, although participants will be given patterns and any surplus to keep. No sewing skills...


November 03, 2019
(On: Nov 23)

Bike maintenance workshop

The bike experts at OWL ran another bike maintenance workshop for our families on Monday 21st October. There were ten participants, three adults and seven children, all keen to learn how to keep their bikes working. One family brought four bikes, three of which were repaired and brought up to...


November 03, 2019

Two new families arrive

Two new families have arrived in Cambridge since September. One is a family of five, with three small children, the other is a family of four, with three teenagers. Both are being housed in South Cambridgeshire.


October 31, 2019

Upcoming volunteer socials

We love and appreciate our volunteers, and we want to see more of you! New and old volunteers meet regularly on the first Wednesday of every month between 7.30 and 9.30pm. The next social (at time of writing!) is on Wednesday the 6th of November, and the one after that...


October 28, 2019
(On: Nov 06)

Driving-test success!

Ahmed, who is just starting university and is the eldest child of one of our beneficiary families, recently became the first member of any of Cambridge’s resettled refugee families to pass his UK driving test. Many congratulations, Ahmed! Several others have now sat and passed their theory tests, although the...


October 25, 2019

Driving-test campaign update

In March this year, Trustee Adrian Matthews launched a UK Government petition to reverse the decision to abolish language support for driving-test candidates. This was accompanied by a letter-writing campaign to local MPs. NE Cambs MP Lucy Frazer responded to her constituent’s letters by contacting the Minister for Transport, Jesse...


October 15, 2019

Annual report for 2018

This might seem a bit late but, with the launch of this new website in mid-2019, we can more easily release our annual reports and other news. So, you can now read our full annual report for the year to June 2018 (2.8 MB PDF file). Here’s a taster of...


August 12, 2019

International Organisation for Migration Training Workshop

The International Organisation for Migration is the UN’s agency charged with helping refugees who have been approved for resettlement with cultural adjustment before they are flown to their new homes. In a workshop evening session on 21 February, IOM trainers Meredith and Ahmed explained how little time they were given...


May 09, 2019

New Social Media Volunteer

The Communications team are delighted to be joined by Kay, who will be taking over the CRRC Twitter feed management from Sarah. She is keen to encourage any CRRC volunteers to send her any news items, campaigns, images or events you would like shared. You can contact her here. Members...


May 08, 2019

Hostile environment defeat

A key plank of Theresa May’s Hostile Environment immigration policy, the Right to Rent scheme, was declared unlawful in a ruling handed down by Mr Justice Spencer at the High Court in early March. He said: It is my view that the Scheme introduced by the Government does not merely...


May 06, 2019

Talk by Abdulazez Dukhan at the University Centre

On 14 April, CRRC co-hosted a talk at the University Centre by Abdulazez Dukhan, a young Syrian refugee committed to telling the refugee story ‘through refugee eyes’. This was part of a UK-wide speaking tour arranged by Safe Passage for Abdulazez, and was attended by almost 100 people. He was...


May 05, 2019

Outreach talks

CRRC’s Trustees have been out and about raising awareness of refugee issues around the area. Sue, Adrian and Dan gave an illustrated talk at Comberton Village College in February, which was so well received that they have been invited to Shelford Library to give the same talk on 26 June....


May 04, 2019

Ahbab Festival

The fourth annual Ahbab Festival took place on the 15th, 16th and 17th February at Cambridge Junction, celebrating Middle Eastern and North African culture. The Festival brought together an array of musical performances including the Baladi Blues Ensemble, the Ayoub Sisters and Amira Kheir, as well as screenings of the...


May 03, 2019

Driving-test campaign update

CRRC’s campaign to persuade the Government to reinstate language support for the driving test has seen a flurry of activity over the past two months. Our petition hit its first major milestone in March when signatures topped the 1000 mark. It has now garnered over 2000 signatures, many more than...


May 02, 2019

Easter holiday activities

The start of the Easter holidays saw a large group of about 40 spend a fascinating (if slightly scary!) day on 8 April visiting the Sedgwick Museum on the Downing site. The children were given worksheets and activities and had a wonderful time getting to know the dinosaurs and fossils...


May 01, 2019