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Information for volunteers

Information for volunteers


Without volunteers, our campaign to help refugees would not exist. This area is for you. You’ll find information on where to go if you need advice or practical information, and links to our policies to protect you and the refugees you are supporting.

CRRC has a Board of Trustees that oversees our operations, but practical responsibilities are divided into working groups. When you sign up to volunteer with us, you can choose which group you would like to join. You can change roles if you want to, or take on more than one. If you need to contact one of the working groups, please ask our Administrator (Faye) for the email address of the Lead Contact.

Working Group Lead Contacts:

  • Employment: Ann
  • English (Adults): Monica
  • English and Tutoring (Children): Sue
  • Operations and Admin: Faye
  • Finance: Robin
  • Compliance: Heidi
  • Communications: Catharine
  • Family Support: Adrian
  • Activities (Holiday Programme): Sharon
  • Activities (Cultural): Sue


CRRC will pay all agreed expenses for our volunteers, including transport and petrol costs. Please refer to the Family Support Team for advice on claiming any expenses you may incur.

Policies and procedures

CRRC has a number of policies and procedures. As volunteers, we all agree that we will abide by them. Since we work with vulnerable people, safeguarding is particularly important. If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding, please contact our safeguarding officer (Ann).

Here are the latest versions of CRRC policies.

Equality and Diversity Policy

We aim to be an organisation that values, recognises and responds to the diverse needs of members and those we serve. We adhere to the Equality Act 2010 and will not discriminate against any person or other organisation. Our policy applies to everyone the organisation serves, our volunteers and those who provides services for us.  Please read the full policy here (Google Drive).

Data Protection Policy

We are committed to holding information safely and securely and using it only for the purpose for which it was given. We will keep any data we hold up to date and accurate, remove out of date data from our records and dispose of it securely.  Please read the full policy here (Google Drive). When collecting or handling personal data, please follow this procedure (Google Doc).

Safeguarding Policy

We define safeguarding as appropriate action to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse, harm or neglect. All those volunteering for CRRC must read this policy before they have contact with those we are assisting and must adhere to the policy and procedures for reporting suspected or actual abuse. Please read the full policy here (Google Drive).

If you have a concern or a complaint about any aspect of CRRC, please contact the Lead Contact of the group concerned in the first instance. We promise to treat you with fairness and respect. Hopefully, most problems can be resolved by informal discussion. If, however, you are not happy with this, please email our administrator and we will arrange a meeting. A final appeal can be made to the Trustees.

We have many volunteers who have been with us for years, with new ones joining to replace any who wish to move on, or to enable us to provide a broader scope of support. We do ask volunteers to undertake their new role for a minimum of six months as there are both monetary and time costs involved in inducting new team members. We accept that volunteers sometimes move away or find they no longer have the time to give. When that happens, we request advance notice so that we can find replacements. If you have a limited period of support to offer, please let us know when you apply. We also ask that you continue to respect the confidentiality of any information you acquired while volunteering with us. If, when you leave, you would like a reference from CRRC, please talk to your group leader.