A march supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Cambridge


The Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign doesn’t just help with the day-to-day support that local refugee families need (important though that is). We also support and run campaigns focused on the needs of the families we support and other similar people around the country who are affected by government policies that should be changed.

Can you help pay for driving lessons?

We are launching a new fundraising campaign to pay for driving lessons for any of our refugee friends who have passed their theory test. We aim to buy a block of lessons from a Cambridge driving school, and will use these to give short courses to several different learners. Many...


November 04, 2019

Foster care campaign

Refugee children need homes right here, right now. Since the images of Aylan Kurdi struck such a potent chord with the general public, there has been an outpouring of offers of help from individuals touched by the horror and scale of the refugee crisis. In Britain, at the edge of...


April 03, 2019