Can you help?

Can you offer employment and work experience?

Work will help these adults’ self-esteem and pride, and foster their acceptance into a community

Once a refugee family begins to settle into their home, their children are at school and their own English classes are progressing, the adults need to become independent and self-sufficient by earning their living in legitimate and worthwhile work.

It is not easy! At CRRC, we are seeking opportunities across a wide range of employment areas based on the jobs and skill-development these adults have had in the country they have just fled. Their work experience has a huge range, including people with degrees in science and medicine, as well as skilled tailors, construction workers, gardeners and farmers.

Recognising their existing skills and experience is vital so that employers here know what is on offer from a potential employee. Qualifications in one country may not be counted as the same in the UK, so we need ways to assess capability. That could be:

  • work experience that is supervised;
  • an in-depth interview about an individual’s stated capability;
  • a training scheme or apprenticeship.

Each should provide a reference that clarifies levels and scope of ability.

In some cases, the individual refugee may be prepared to try a different career which would also mean training and/or development and assessment.

We at CRRC are currently talking to a number of potential providers, employers and institutions that we believe could help - but we still need more.

Please do get in touch.