A march along Mill Road supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Cambridge, with a large sign leaning against a wall that says 'Refugees welcome'. Photo copyright Chris Cellier Photography www.chriscellier.com and used with permission.

Opportunities to get involved

We always need enthusiastic people to volunteer for the organization. We can’t offer money but it’s extremely rewarding to see your work directly helping local refugees. You will meet a bunch of fascinating people if you work with us. We are also very happy to write recommendation letters and give out certificates for the soft skills you acquire during your work with us if this is of help to you.

Please note that taking on a permanent volunteering role requires you to work about 4 hours a week and that you should be able to make this time commitment for at least half a year - we want to avoid too much flux.


Introduction CRRC is a registered charity with the primary object of supporting refugees and displaced persons in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. The charity is lead by the Board of Trustees of which the Treasurer is an ex-officio member. (S)he is subject to the decisions of the Board. The role The Treasurer...


April 09, 2024

Focal point family support worker

What is a ‘focal point’? This is a pivotal role that provides a link between a designated refugee family and members of the family support team and/or CRRC committee. It is similar to being a family support worker but it can cross over into a befriending role. The focal point...


March 08, 2024

Childcare during English lessons

Childcare volunteers take care of under school-age children while their parents are attending to their English lessons. There are usually 2-3 childcare volunteers during each session, and the aim is to keep the children happy and occupied with play, singing and reading. We don’t do any personal care and the...


February 08, 2024

One-to-one English tuition (children)

Our one-to-one English tutors work with individual children in a family, helping with their homework, tutoring GCSEs in core subjects, monitoring their progress, and improving their English. It is very rewarding, offering an opportunity to get to know the whole family and establish a valuable connection. We ask for a...


February 06, 2024

One-to-one English teaching (adults)

We are looking for one-to-one English tutors to work with individual adults in their home, helping develop their English language skills. In some cases the role may involve developing language for work, or providing linguistic support for the driving test. It is very rewarding, offering an opportunity to get to...


February 06, 2024

Volunteer with our donations team to help refugee families

Would you like to volunteer some hours to help refugees resettle in Cambridge? The Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign is looking for a donations volunteer to co-ordinate resettlement requests from refugee families registered with the charity. You can choose your own hours and work from home. It would be useful if...


November 08, 2023

Can you help refugees with cycling?

Can you help refugees with cycling? We provide second-hand bikes and cycling support to refugee families and people in the asylum process, across Cambridgeshire. It’s fantastic work - a bike helps refugees to access job centres, employment, education, healthcare, shops, food banks and more. So far, we have provided over...


November 23, 2022