Code club

Posted: February 17, 2020

Drawing of a micro:bit computer board After a well deserved summer break, our Code Club resumed for more learning about computers, programming and technology. Most of the previous cohort were present and keen to continue their adventure, but we also had a few new joiners. Our focus for the first term was to discover the world of physical computing by learning how to program the micro:bit.

The highlight of the term was creating a frustration game - we created a course out of a metal wire, and players had to guide a wand around the course without touching it.The children programmed their micro:bits to add and display a point each time the wand made contact with the metal wire, and we then played the game to see who was able to take the wand through the course with the least points.

We are keen to continue with the Code Club sessions so we are looking for a volunteer to support us in coordinating them. This involves liaising with the families to get an attendees list for each session, organise transport for them, select materials for the varying age groups, coordinate with volunteers who help on the day, and run the sessions. If you are interested in helping, contact us.