Summer Activities

Posted: November 15, 2023

A group of people looking at a tiger in a zoo.

Summer saw outings to Shepreth Wildlife Park and a picnic on Jesus Green. The outing to Shepreth was very popular but coincided with a rail strike. We are especially grateful to Emma for organising two coaches at the last minute to ensure that the large group of about 100 were able to reach the zoo from Huntingdon and Cambridge. The rain abated in the afternoon, making for the perfect opportunity to explore the park and see the wide range of animals, from rabbits to tigers. The brave ones among us visited the bat room, where the bats flew freely around you! The children also enjoyed seeing the animals being fed by Shepreth staff, and learning about the lifestyles of red pandas.

Two children playing on a swing whilst a family sit nearby on the grass.

During the heatwave in early September, a dozen families and six volunteers ventured out in the 30C temperatures to have a picnic on Jesus Green. The children enjoyed the playground, some football and some tennis with the volunteers, using rackets and balls donated by Cambridge LTC. Families were able to chat and share food in the shade at the back of the Lido.