Old laptops from your business? (UPDATED)

Posted: May 16, 2022

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Do you or your friends work for large businesses which upgrade their IT on a regular basis (ARM, Cambridge Assessment, Marshalls Aerospace, Addenbrookes, etc)? We are looking for contacts in Cambridge businesses to ask if they would let us have their old technology. This saves them having to dispose of it and allows us to meet an increasing need.

The last two years have really brought home the importance of computer connectivity, especially for learners who cannot access teaching any other way. With hundreds of Ukrainian refugees about to arrive, many in need of laptops to continue schooling, learn English, access banking, and stay in touch with family, we are partnering with Laptops4Learning to acquire, clean and refurbish secondhand computers for refugees.

We would welcome the chance to speak with you or a colleague within your organisation responsible for sustainability or CSR. Our hope is to release any surplus tech the company has after upgrade and make it available for re-use back into Cambridgeshire to support Ukrainian refugees, who have already suffered so much, while being sustainable and helping slow climate change.

If you can help point us at the right people, please contact us.


Laptops4Learning’s TechAidUK solution brings together businesses and charities/organisations to enable sustainable and social good. We take donations of much-needed devices from businesses and repair and refurbish them, making them plug-and-play ready, complete with chargers and software, for CRRC to distribute to Ukrainian families.

Benefits for businesses:

  • Full audit provided of items collected
  • Data breach concerns covered - all data-bearing devices are securely data-erased to HMG Infosec Standard 5 Enhanced, with full certification by serial number. (For more information about how we erase data, please see the attachment detailing our secure data erase process and sample certificates of data destruction, plus the vimeo link showing our services https://vimeo.com/user86225256).
  • Should you still have concerns about data security, or restrictions imposed on you, this need not be a barrier to donation. You can remove all storage (HDDs, SSDs) yourself, or we can attend site and remove and degauss any storage. We can still make the carcasses sustainable, adding in storage from our own stock to repurpose them for use by refugees.
  • Having your tech refurbished for reuse enables you to reach your sustainability goals at this time of climate emergency, saving CO2 emissions, e-waste and the extraction of scarce natural resources.
  • Items beyond economic repair are broken down for spares to increase yields, with nothing going to landfill.
  • Positive engagement with your local community, helping those in need and ensuring good CSR.
  • Good news stories back from those who have been helped to use in your company newsletters and to show staff how they are helping your local community.

Please see Laptops4Learning’s 2021 report, which shows those who have already been helped.

If you can help point us at the right people, please contact us.


In just over a month, 100+ devices have already gone out to families in need, but we still need many more. The City and District Councils expect around 1500 Ukrainian refugees, most of whom will need phones and SIM cards, and many also laptops.