Notes on the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Posted: April 14, 2022

We have compiled a list of ‘recommended’ agencies for people struggling to find Ukrainians to sponsor. We don’t know much about most of them, but hopefully this will be better resource than dodgy Facebook groups, which can be very unsafe for both parties.

Please note that, while all these charities have been recommended to us from a trusted source, we cannot fully vouch for their processes in matching. We have good experience of working with 1, 2, and 4 in Cambridge.

  1. Room for Refugees
  2. Refugees at Home
  3. NACCOM (No Accommodation Network)
  4. RESET
  5. World Jewish Relief (for matching Jewish families and hosts)
  6. Welcome Churches (for Christian groups or churches wanting to welcome a family)
  7. Opora (a new charity which has set up a matching platform)
  8. Cambridge4Ukraine

If you are a host and experiencing problems with the visa process, please contact Cambridge4Ukraine, who also offer emergency interpreting for hosts and guests.

If your guests from Ukraine are having problems accessing Universal Credit, we can advise. We can also offer free Vodafone SIM cards, and those in need (for online banking, continuing studies, etc) can apply to us for reconditioned Chromebooks/laptops.