CRRC joins Together With Refugees

Posted: May 10, 2021

The Together With Refugees logo

Together With Refugees

Today, we join a new coalition of more than 100 national, local, refugee-led and grassroots groups to launch Together With Refugees. We believe in showing compassion to people fleeing war, persecution or violence.

Together, we are calling for a better approach to supporting refugees that is kinder, fairer and more effective. This means standing up for people’s ability to seek safety in the UK no matter how they came here. It means ensuring people can live in dignity while they wait to hear if they will be granted protection. It means empowering refugees to rebuild their lives and make valuable contributions to their communities. And it means the UK working with other countries to do our bit to help people who are forced to flee their homes.

Together With Refugees aims to build on the power of our active movement to set the agenda together, inspire hope, and win deep change in the UK’s approach to refugees.

Inspired by the refugee nation flag and the colours of a lifebelt, the orange heart symbolises hope and compassion. With the campaign slogan #WhoWeAre, the heart is intended to be adopted widely to show support for refugees while underpinning a sense of unity. They show that, together, as a movement, we are larger than the sum of our parts.

Find out more at the new website.