Supporting new arrivals

Posted: February 07, 2021

The two new families who arrived on Family Reunion visas in October have been settling in well. The family support group, notably Amy and Vicky, have been very busy sourcing bikes, televisions, furniture, bedding and kitchen equipment. Thank you to all those who donated or offered items. Dan, Adrian and Samir have been helping the new arrivals with the bureaucratic requirements of biometric residency permits and registering with a doctor.

The first family to arrive were the three young adult children of one of the refugee women, who had not seen their mother in almost a decade. The second family to be reunited included a two-year-old, who had never met her father, as he had to leave his family to come to the UK when his wife was newly pregnant. As reported above, the UK government has pledged to fulfill its VPRS commitments, if not to start the new UKRS. Under the VPRS, Cambridge can expect at least one more family to arrive very soon.