Seasonal family outings

Posted: January 14, 2020

During the Christmas holidays Georgina and Layla organised two fantastic days out.

Refugee man feeding a calf The first was ice skating at the Cambridge North Pole on Parker’s Piece with around 9 families. This was such good fun and the children loved it! Some were a little hesitant at first, and some threw themselves into it. A few parents also joined in (with a little persuasion), while others watched and cheered from the side. Everybody had had a wonderful time, volunteers included!

The next day out was a trip to the Junction theatre to watch The Wind in the Willows. We had about 5 families join us for this and everyone loved it. The show was a fantastic family experience with singing and dancing, and the children got their first experience of the classic English audience participation with shouts and screams of ‘he’s behind you!’ and ‘oh yes he is!’. The experience was then topped off with ice cream during the interval.

We hope to continue the programme during the Easter holidays and have already had suggestions from some of the children about activities and days out they would like to do.